There are lots of companies making pocket knives. Find out the best ones amongst all of them.


What is the best survival knife brand?

Survival knife is a very useful tool. It is a common thing to be found in any kitchen or tool room in any house. Naturally, when the demand is good, a lot of big names will try to capture the market and hence many big names have started manufacturing survival knives.

There are a huge number of companies who are making business out of survival knife manufacturing. Some of the most popular names are ka-bar, Gerber, Spyderco, etc. Apart from all the big brands some cheap and medium scale brands are also present who produces cheap products.

Quality of knife

The quality of the knives depends upon the brand names, big name assures good quality, and so the price will be a little high. The Gerber Company uses the brand name Winchester to sell and market knife products. China is the centre of production where all stuffs are made. They also produce high quality stuffs from time to time.

Its not always you will get good stuffs from big brands, today it’s very easy to find big brands selling totally useless stuffs. A continual process of bad production will automatically ruin the company’s image and lessen selling quantity. This will lead to company’s downfall when they try to compromise on quality.

China made

Another reliable name in this industry is Browning and Buck. They have reached great heights because of their good quality products which are available at a fair price. They have successfully earned peoples trust and support, a huge number of people depend on their name before buying survival knives but recently the scenario is changing very fast. Most of their products are being made in China, which is not good in quality, thus customer expectation is being neglected.

If this trend seems to continue, company has to face a huge loss. As china products are less reliable and if said truly they don’t attract customers anymore. Slowly and gradually strong customer base will start losing up.

Cheap production

Another company was Parker-Frost, but they separated and moved towards different directions. Parker continued importing good material from Japanese suppliers while Frost Company started selling low graded products at cheap rate. The company is now known for its cheap china products that are on sale in market.

It’s very confusing to find which brand is most reliable and trusted one among such a long list of names. One should determine a good brand by checking on the quality of products as well as its price factor. Apart from these two main factors, one must also consider the design, techniques, material quality etc before finalizing on best brand. Some brands you must have a look upon are:

  • Ka-Bar
  • Kershaw
  • Beretta
  • Herbertz
  • Case
  • Boker
  • Camillus
  • Maserin


Besides the ones listed above, there are a number of companies present in the market who produces a decent product at fair prices. Thus choose the one which give you good quality and value for money at the end.

Are you an adventurous person who is interested in exciting sports like hiking? Then you would have come across hiking boots and it’s important for perfect hiking. Let us study the fact - What is the hiking boots?

Hiking boots are designed and constructed with excellent durability and supreme quality so that it provides wonderful ability to hike faster and safer. Usually the hikers travel through rough terrains, flooding waters, rock, muddy roads and other obstacles that you have to hike on the go.

You can wear your pair of hiking boots even while performing other outdoor activities such as hunting, trail running, mountaineering, climbing and backpacking. This would be a perfect choice as casual wears during your night drives as well.

What is the hiking boots benefit?

The basic advantage that any person wearing hiking boots enjoys is a complete support to the movement around the ankles. The boots are designed in a way to prevent the ankles from getting hurt because of twisting movements and at the same time it should never restrict the free movement of the ankles.

They are produced to be stiff and sturdy enough for your foot to be supported without any restrictions. People hiking for longer distances usually suffer from certain kind of discomforts like blisters. This could be prevented by using correctly fitted hiking boots during the ride.

If you are wondering what is the hiking boots that is suitable for you then try to choose your pair of boots that is suitable for fulfilling your ambition and passion to hike. Hiking boots are basically available in four different types-

  • Backpacking boots
  • Hiking boots
  • Light hiking boots
  • Mountaineering boots

Always analyze what is the hiking boots suitable for you before buying one. The type of hiking boots that you pick determines your style of hiking eventually. Therefore it is essential that you choose the hiking shoe that provides maximum support to the ankles.

Who does not like to go fishing on to the lake or river? There are lots of ways you can go fishing, by boat or even by a kayak. Yes you heard me right kayak fishing is not only starting to become a very popular sport but it is also a great way to go to the outdoors and relax that more and more people are interested to go fishing by a fishing kayak rather than going fishing on a boat.

So what are the main differences between a fishing kayaks and fishing boats. Below I have discussed some of the differences between the both.

No matter how you put it, it is a known fact that fishing kayaks are much quieter compared to boats for fishing. Even though having a motor on your boat makes it faster it does at the same time makes it much nosier. A kayak on the other hand can easily slip into any type and size of lake or pond and the fish won’t even notice it there.

  • Kayaks have a much better casting angles

The sad part about fishing by a boat is that the castings are perpendicular to the bank thus you would need to lure the fish from the shallow water to the deep for a much better casting, but on the other hand kayaks has a much bigger advantage by easily placing it into marsh grass. In this manner you can easily cast up the grass line and easily retrieve alongside the grass. This would help you in luring the fish within the red zone for a much longer time compared to with a boat cast.

  • Kayaks can get to places where boats can’t.

Due to the small size of a kayak, you can easily fish in areas where other boat can get access to, such as the Louisiana marshes.

  • Kayaks are much cheaper.

Compared to fishing boats kayaks are much cheaper to buy and maintain.

These days it has become quite common for the beauty industries to move towards the “chemical free” shampoos.  Whenever you go to the market or a salon in search for these chemical free shampoos(aka natural shampoo) you can always check the shampoo bottle of being chemical free on the top or your stylist can simply inform you if you have or haven’t purchased a chemical free shampoo. So the question that might come to your mind is what is all the big deal of purchasing a chemical free shampoo, and take my word for it after a bit of research I am glad that I use one of these chemical free shampoos myself.

So the question arises what exactly is a chemical free shampoo?

Well for one thing a chemical free shampoo doesn’t contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in it. Even though it is quite cheap but at the same time extremely powerful for grease cutting detergents which at the same time also help in making the foaming of a soap or a shampoo. This chemical is used in almost all kinds of soaps and shampoos.

So for those who prefer their organic shampoo or soap to be very foamy and at the same time don’t what their hair to be oily would prefer a shampoo with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in it, which although at the time just might seem as the perfect idea isn’t so the in the long run. The problem with SLS is that even within the most diluted quantity can become quite irritating to the scalp and skin, also if you have ever felt the burning feeling while shampooing within the eyes, SLS is the main reason for it. Worst of all instead of making your hair healthy it mostly likely ruins it, by damaging the hair follicle, and keep in mind that damaged hair follicle would most likely lead to hair weaking thus slowly down the growth of your hair.